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Saleh Maglam

Saleh Maglam was born in Shibuya Yemen on April 8, 1983.  As a journalist he currently lives in Sana and is single.  He works for the Institute for the Revolution to the Press as an editor. This was the first newspaper in Yemen.  He has been a press photographer since 2001. In addition to freelance work he has also worked in television and is an Anchor to a local radio program in Shibuya.  Previously, he was a reporter for the Happy TV channel, a Delegate Majid to magazine UAE, a secretary/editor of platforms weekly newspaper and of Forums electronic direction.  He was a member of the Working Group newspaper Nhenal Yemen. Saleh has experience in writing news, reports, surveys, press releases, political analysis, opinion writing and investigative journalism.  As an internet blogger he has cultural and political blogs.  He is also a member of the Yemeni Journalists’ Syndicate, a member of the Federation of Arab bloggers and a member of the Cultural League of Arab bloggers.

Saleh has taken course work in message information, the role of the media in supporting women’s and children’s issues, advocacy and strengthening human rights, leadership skills among civil society activists, and training of Trainers in the field of human rights.